Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Fool

Some of you might know Dr. Fuller. She was my English and Creative Writing professor at Catawba College. She was a great inspiration to me, in my writing, as well as in my life. This poem is about her. After I saw her play the fool in "King Lear", I wrote it, and I have recently rewritten it. A new friend of mine, Kat, gave me some helpful suggestions. I'm happy with it.

What do you think?



The Clown, The fool, it's true
you shouldn't have been old
until you were wise.

A Clown? A Fool?
It isn't true.

It's true that she imparts wisdom,
and truth, and life, and love
for all.

The woman who symbolizes what makes
Menna, Elvyn, and Nigel so great,
couldn't help but see the light.

The woman who removes the podium,
to be seen while she reads,
hands shaking, voice steady.

The woman who sits Indian style on the floor,
and cries after the memory of Ginsberg,
and the loss of a Jewish mother.

The woman who keeps poetry
to remind her all will be okay, and
to share this peace with others.

The woman who always supports us
on the other side of the street, and
hugs us, and tells us we're great!

A clown? A fool?
Not at all.


Jeremy said...

hello! My name is Jeremy. I found you on Jasika's blog and decided to check you out because I am also from North Carolina, and I went to Catawba for a year. That's how I met Jasika. Anyways, I love your poem. I remember Ms. Fuller. I have a good memory, and now I wish I had the chance to see her play the role. Have a good one.

Caroline Ross said...

Wow! Thanks for looking. Yes, she is one of a kind, Dr. Fuller.